C3NTINEL® is an award winning online energy management application. Suited to organisations with large volumes of data, who need an automated platform to efficiently manage consumption and identify opportunities to save money. C3NTINEL® makes data analysis intuitively accessible, whilst enabling energy and facility management teams to work collaboratively across multiple sites and energy channels, aggregating data from multiple sources and formats into one platform. Our advanced algorithms can be easily deployed to verify performance and achieve realistic goals.

C3NTINEL process

What C3NTINEL®offers your business

Facilitate Collaboration

Teams can document opportunities, actions, and track progress through the unique online communication platform.

Excellent Support

C3NTINEL® has been developed by a team of Energy Professionals who are on-hand to support you.

Intelligent Algorithms

The unique C3NTINEL® algorithms' filter the noise in your data to provide a clear focus on the details you want to see and act upon.

Any Data

Ensure that any existing data feeds can be fully integrated in to C3NTINEL® , removing the need for further investment in hardware changes.

Optimised User Experience

The C3NTINEL® interface has been designed and built to simplify data management and create an intuitive environment for management, measurement and review.

Measure Success

The reporting tools accessed through C3NTINEL® enable you to accurately analyse performance and measure the financial impact of fault detection and action taken to show improvements and success.

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